Monday, October 11, 2010

BBB (Beauty Budget Buy)- Essence of Beauty Powder Brush vs M.A.C 150


So I recently purchased the Essence of Beauty Powder Blush and I am highly pissed! IT IS almost EXACTLY THE SAME AS M.A.C's 150 face brush...dare I say maybe even better? I washed it before playing with it since I bought mostly because I've been impressed and pleased with all my other EOB purchases but (in my best Kat Williams voice)..."This ish right here? This ish right here?". This brush is definitely not your run of the mill drugstore brush. It is soft, dense, DOES NOT SHED, and picks up color very nicely. As I play with it (pics are shown, I can DEFINITELY say that is is softer then my 150. The shapes are same...were you able to guess which was which? The right is the Essence of Beauty brush and the left is M.A.C.'s 150 face brush. $13.00 vs. $ that really an argument? Knowing what I know now about brushes, I probably wouldn't own any MAC brushes (except the 130..the love of my life). I am a MAC collector though so...there that thought went...straight through the window. Check out both brushes for yourself or let me know your thoughts on each brush below!